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A Game By Indrek Vändrik

ZombieRun will be the first ever retro platformer with VR support

Posted on April 1st, 2015

Last few weeks have been a true eye openers for the ZombieRun retro platformer. ZombieRun was just Greenlit on Steam and given a free pass to set up a booth at the Steam Store. With this honour came a lot of feedback and requests from our thousands of fans. We saw many interesting requests, starting from bringing the game to the Apple Watch and Samsung Smart TV-s and ending with making it playable with a single button and the cool bt.tn. One request however caught our eye right away. It was a wish to be able to play ZombieRun with some kind of Virtual reality device.

We got truly excited as soon as we read this awesome idea. We dived into the problem and forgot everything else. Wives at work and children to the kindergarden. Even my very favorite aunt Maggie had to celebrate her birthday without me. Anyhow our hard efforts have made it a reality. Please feast your eyes on the first ever Zombie Retro platformer with Virtual reality Support.


ZombieRun with Virtual Reality support is to be released on the 30th of April 2015.
Stay tuned!

Sadly or gladly this was only an April fools joke and there will not be Virtual Reality infested ZombieRun game. Thank you for reading.

ZombieRun is taking part in Intel’s Level Up 2014 Contest

Posted on June 3rd, 2014

A few months ago I got an email notifying me about the Intel’s Level Up game competition. At first I just looked into it a little and didn’t make plans to enter. About a week ago when I once again stumbled upon this competition I decided to go for it. So I started testing my game. During Indie game fest in Tartu I discovered some interesting bugs. I had forgotten to fully implement the highscore and savegame system. Savegames were deleted when exiting the game and scores were cleared at game start. After fixing these issue I was face with another challenge.

Since the game competition required a downloadable demo to enter I needed to come up with one. I’m not sure how other developers handle the situation where you want to create a demo version of the full game. At first I tried creating demo in a separate branch and merge some commits to the demo branch. This became very complicated very fast. So I decided to create a demofy script. The script removes certain lines from the codes. The lines are marked with special tags. Also the demofy script removes all unused image and sound files.

Having got this demos stuff covered I had to look into creating an executable for windows. This is where launch4j comes to help. Launch4j is quite straight forward. I created the configuration file in the GUI and afterwards used this created xml file from command line.

When all these things were covered I did some final test games and off to the Intel’s Level Up 2014 contest.

The road to ZombieRun

Posted on September 24th, 2013

Hi I’m Indrek and for last year and a half I have developed my very first real game. Actually I’ve been interested in creating games for some time now but didn’t have the right set of mind to really start making things happen. For many occasions I had tried to start with something, but got stuck at the very first chapter – Finding a good framework or game engine. At first being a front-end developer I tried javascript. (more…)