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A Game By Indrek Vändrik

In ZombieRun you can play as several different characters. Let’s meet the cast.

Nigel the Ninja

ninja Nigel was just mastering the old art of slicing fruit with his samurai sword,
when suddenly the earth started shaking and before he new it he was flying like superman.
Of course Nigel thought that he had leveled up and achieved the let’s fly badge.
Sadly it was not the case. Next thing he remembered was opening his eyes to
see some boring trees and gravestones. What’s that all about.




Hipster Herb

Herb had just seen the cutest butterfly flying by. The beauty of that delicate tender creature had stopped time and space. How is it that something so natural and simple can be so beautiful. Once again Herb felt that the world is a beautiful place to live. Suddenly the butterfly was thrown away by a strong wind. At the next moment Herb felt as he was the butterfly gliding through the air. “Wow dreams do come try”, he thought and then he saw the forest closing in as he was falling from the sky.




Capoeira Claus

Just as planned Claus was performing his very favorite capoeira workout on the beach. The waves were crashing the shore and the wind was blowing through his hair. Pretty much a perfect morning. Claus was feeling more and more fresh after every move, he felt how his body was filling with energy.
Then one moment he felt that the ground was gone. He was levitating in the air, could this be the next step in capoeira or something else?




Old timer Talbot

Talbot had a great day, his hip hadn’t ached from the morning and he had breakfast at a local diner with his favorite girl Margaret. His old faithful heart was filled with endless joy as he was walking along the seaside to his apartment. Nothing can screw up this good vibe I’m having, he thought. Moments later he noticed that for the last mile he had walked with his walking cane in his hand. This was a sign, sign of something good. And BAM! Talbot got hit with a skateboard flying through the air with everybody else. He felt liberated until the moment he felt the carrying wind was weakening and he started to fell faster and faster til there was darkness.




PrettyBoy Brad

Brad was excited, he walked left and right and then left again. Three tubes of hair gel for the price of one. How can this get better. Brad had just tested out the newly bought stuff and he looked great. He felt great, he felt like nothing could stop him. He looked himself deeply in the eyes and said “you’re unstoppable now pal!”. As soon as he had declared his power the roof started flying of and then he was elevated and was spinning around and around. After feeling quite sick and oozy he passed out.




Blonde Bandit

The Blonde Bandit had just served another one of her famous nut shots to one of many sleazebags who dared to compliment her green eyes as nice blue eyes. Bandit was thinking to herself that clear sight must be a rarity these days, when she felt getting lighter and lighter. She felt the ground leaving from under her feet and everything feeling so free. Moments later the quiet and freedom was over, there were people flying and stuff flying around everywhere and then a blank. Next time The Bandit opened her eyes she was greeted by a tombstone and trees dancing in the wind. What could all this mean?




Special Agent 0012000

Agent Double O twelve thousand doesn’t blink, ever. From his first assignments as President’s personal bullet shield to the undercover missions in the Middle East, this guy can’t be surprised. The level of expertise and the amount of focus this agent has, makes him always one step if not ten steps ahead of everyone else. But not ahead of the nature. Agent Double O twelve thousand was just checking the perimeter before his client was going to leave the Annual Comic Convention, when first time in his entire life, he was surprised by the strongest wind he’d ever felt. And of he was, flying like baseball going for a home run, towards the nearby forest.